$99 Dentist Clinics

$99 Dental Clinics

What is the Catch ? What are the Pros and Cons ?


$99 Dental Clinics from different brands are opening everywhere and have really shook the dental Industry.  There is a lot people should know before they decide if they should or not give it a go with this new type of service.

The First Thing patients or people should know is that there are now, several dental clinics offering $99 deals or treatments.

There are a lot of variations between these clinics and one should really research well before choosing one or another.

There are $99 Dental Clinics who offer exclusive $99 services, and others which include $99 treatments in their service.

The $99 exclusive clinics limit their services and usually have a less traditional dental approach.
They usually make use of hygienists and therapists to save time, space and lower their costs.

The dental rooms in these $99 exclusive clinics are usually smaller.
The space needs to allocate as many patients as possible, in order to make their business operation viable.

You also need to be prepared to have less people to help you face to face or answer more specific questions.

Everything is usually done online and some of these clinics do not have a phone number in case of emergencies. Some will not even have a reception or receptionist.

The advantage of these clinics are usually easy online booking and usually more availability.
There are down sides in our view though.
Patients usually do not have their dental treatments done by dentists and the dental surgeries can also be super small and lacking privacy.

As an alternative , you now can also find more traditional $99 Dental Clinics offering the same $99 price.
They usually offer a more personal traditional approach and you can have your treatment in a more private and comfortable size room.

In Addition, a more traditional Dental Clinic, can also offer more complexed treatments, all done by proper general dentists, or sometimes, even by specialists.

As a down side , we found that more traditional clinics offering $99 services, usually have less availability and can lack the convenience of direct online bookings.

Another important point to address is the No Gaps Option :
Some clinics do offer this benefit to patients with Private Health insurances. This bonus can save patients even more money.

If you look or search carefully online, it is likely that you will find advantages of both worlds within more traditional dental clinics and also just pay $99 for the same Services. All done by proper dentists !

Here is a summary of what you should ask or look when choosing a $99 Dental Clinic :

1. What are the specific services the clinic offers for $99 ?

2. Does the clinic also offers additional complex services within the same location ? This can be very convenient and also save you time and indirectly , money.

3. Are the services offered by proper experienced dentists or are they done by hygienists and therapists ?

4. Does the Clinic have a proper Phone number in case of emergency ? It is very helpful to actually speak to someone prior to any bookings in some circumstances and certainly when there is an emergency.

5. How large are the treatment rooms ? Will you feel comfortable having treatment done within a space where there is hardly a space to walk ? Will you have privacy or everything you or your dentist say, can be heard by the patient right next to you ?

6. Does the Clinic have a proper reception or receptionist ?

7. In case you have private health insurance, does the clinic offer No Gap payments on the spot with Hicaps ?

Regardless of your choice , the opening of these new $99 clinics or the addition of $99 services within dental clinics are a welcomed alternative to patients who otherwise could not afford private health plans or more traditional dental fees.

It is now very wise to think twice when making a decision to purchase Dental Extras on Private Health Plans.
In a lot of situations or specific circumstances , patients may be better off saving this money, and use the $99 services for their general dental treatment.

We Hope this Help and you can always use our chat to ask further questions !

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