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Current Dental costs Scenario

Current situation in regards to Dental Costs in Big cities like Melbourne and Sydney are alarming.  The current dental health system in the country is unable to cope with the population demand for healthy teeth.
With the internet is now much easier to find more options and variety in Dental treatment costs in Australia. It is important to always be careful with what you read on the media and on the net regarding dental treatment such as veneers, dental implants cost, wisdom teeth removal, envisaging cost and others. Prices and quality of work can vary a lot and one should never associate high dental costs in Sydney with good dental treatment.

More affordable dentistry is now more readily available but it demands a very good research and open eyes for websites and business trying to lead patients for their own financial benefit.
We have blog pages here and information to help you making a good decision when it comes to dental treatment and costs in Australia and overseas.

Dental Clinics and Costs

Be aware of websites trying to always justify their high costs due to latest equipment and technology or a need to see dental specialists even before you see general dentists. Flashy Dental Clinics not always come together with good dental treatment. A good comprehensive consultation and am environment with a professional good infection control should be regarded as more important than looks and decoration.

Statements such as “Compare apples with apples” and other similar phrases are sometimes used to justify much higher fees from clinics who may want you to visit their own specialists. Dental Specialists are needed for special cases in circumstances where a General Dentist is not capable to offer the best treatment outcome. For obvious reasons and a simple matter of numbers, specialists are not as readily available as general dentists and by a simple consequence, will generally need to charge a higher fee for a more complex case.

Seeing a Dentist prior to a Specialist not only makes sense but is most certainly the best logistical and financial way to address dental problems or to prevent it. The role of a good General Dentist is and has always been in Dental Treatment and not just in Preventive Dentistry or check-ups. Changing this order would certainly incur higher dental costs to patients in Australia. In the great majority of cases, Dental specialists will work independently, within their own practice. They rely on independent genuine referrals from other general dentists who will refer based on the specialist s reputation and good record and not just for be in the same clinic or location. Be Aware!

Registered General Dentists in Australia are trained to perform the majority of all dental treatments and are also well trained to know when to refer complex cases to specialists. It is simply not in their interest to perform difficult cases beyond their experience. All Dentists prefer to perform treatment where they already have more experience.
Travelling to Thailand or doing dental tourism and assuming that one country is better than another in dentistry is not only a misconception but also ignorance or arrogance.

Dentistry is now extremely similar all around the world. Dental education is available all around the world and a large number of dental professionals around the world also speak English. There are good and bad professionals, labs, infection control, clinics and different levels of skills everywhere and patients should carefully compare advantages and disadvantages of having treatment in Australia and overseas considering the type of treatment and also the length required. 


Dental work is very different from field to field and the amount of visits or reviews after treatment should also be considered.
The fear of high dental cost has forced many Australians not to visit the dentist for oral related ailments. Majority of adults omit their dental visits in Australia of which one third of them state that they neglect their dental visits due to financial reasons. A good research on the internet can help find good quality options but patients should be aware of private clinics trying to link their information to their own expensive clinics.
Together with instant pain and uneasiness, the dental problems that go untreated will have great impact on one’s life. It affects the ability to talk and mingle with others. It interrupts sleep leading to malnourishment and serious infections.
Major part of the present public dental system is operated by the states. The small public dentists who are not well equipped are striving hard to come up, even after which they would be able to meet only very little demand for their services. Thus, the treatments that endure for months or years would be waiting listed. There are now private dental clinics and services with good quality work and more affordable dental costs.
Dental care is not just a health issue. It’s a fundamental human right which everyone deserves and one of the most crucial issues of the civic policy.


Australian Institute of Health and Welfare revealed that the number of dentists in 5 years to 2011 has increased by 24%. It is estimated that there are over 12,700 dentists in Australia of which 80% are working in private sector. The elderly populace in Australia is lacking apt dental care. The residents of nursing homes around the country do not have even basic dental services which is mandatory to uphold sufficient nourishment.

Inferior oral health leads to gamut of diseases that include heart disease, arthritis and stroke. The oral diseases as well as other regular disease have same risk factors like poor intake, obesity, smoking, etc. Thus, if these risk factors are nipped for oral related issues then it will automatically reduce the severity of other regular diseases as well.
As you can see from the table, below, there’s a wide cost range for most item numbers. Charges vary for many reasons, including the surgery overheads, the expertise of the practitioner and the time it takes. Even a single item number can be charged differently by the same dentist: a filling on one surface may be particularly large or hard to access, for example, and require more time; or if you’re having several fillings done at once there may be a discount (because it takes less time than doing each as a single filling).

The best way to avoid high dental treatment costs in Australia is to look for different options and different opinions. If you are not happy with the first option or value look for other alternatives or a different dentist.
Looking for a better deal? If you’re looking for a new dentist, ring around and get some prices for your treatment.
If you’re concerned you’ve been quoted a high price for dental work, look for a second opinion.
If you have some expensive work that needs doing, it may pay to shop around. If you have a written quote with item numbers for wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, envisaging or any other dental treatment, ask the dentist how much they’d charge for the same work. How does it compare with the average? Where does it lie in the range?
Tell us what you think about the dental costs in Sydney or Australia on the whole.

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