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Invisible Dental Braces Cost in Australia

All about Invisible Braces in Australia


Most patients first question is what are the differences between Invisible braces compared to conventional braces. 

Fixed braces use wires and brackets to move your teeth into straighter alignment and are also noticeable. Invisible braces are very difficult to be noticed as per the name itself. Invisible braces are Removable during treatment. You cannot remove fixed braces until treatment is completed.  Invisible braces are Removable during treatment.  
The metal wires and brackets used with fixed braces can cause mouth irritation and Invisible braces treatment doesn’t involve metal that can irritate teeth and gums. That allow you to brush and floss normally during your treatment. 

Invisible Braces also very easy to remove. This will be beneficial in some circumstances, such as when you are going to eat. You can simply put off your Invisible braces when you are eating to avoid staining of your braces. After you have finished eating and cleaning your mouth, you can easily put on your braces again making the overall care much easier than traditional braces. 

With all those advantages, Invisible braces are suitable for all ages, especially teens who need to get a perfect teeth composition with minimal care and a dentist visit. Invisible braces for adult is also available and great for you who need a better teeth composition in your work and business.

The cost of Invisible Braces

The cost of invisible braces is automatically higher than traditional metal bracing and ranges between $2500 and $7000, depending on the precise requirement. Since, invisible braces are customised for every user, there are other factors including the type, length and duration of treatment that determine the final cost. In Australia, the pricing with invisible braces will also depend on the dental professional, the clinic location, other restorative work involved in the treatment and the medical insurance the patient is liable for. Reputed clinics offer guidance in the best dental insurance plans that cover the cost of dental braces. It is thus necessary that you consult a dental insurance provider on recommendation of your clinic / doctor to get the best price.

The cost of dental bracing in Australia can be generally divided into the following sections:

  • Initial consultation
  • Evaluation visit fees
  • Upper bracing
  • Lower bracing
  • Minor treatments complimenting the bracing
  • Fitting / adjustments
  • Retention visits / observation
  • Removal

Of course, the better the material of invisible braces the costlier they are! The highest standard of bracing material will however accompany the least amount of discomfort and fastest recovery period. It is necessary that you consult a reputed clinic for your treatment.

Why you need Invisible Braces

They are many among us who are born with misaligned teeth or have met accidents or ailments that have changes the shape of our smile. Well, braces have been the number one solution that has been used for decades now. They help to straighten the misaligned look and bring back a naturally beautiful smile back on our faces. However, wearing a brace might be an inconvenient procedure as the metal shines through your teeth as long as you are needed to wear it. A recent upgrade and solution to this problem is met with invisible braces.

Rather than being worn in the front row of the teeth, invisible braces are placed in the back and are barely seen in a bare glance. Further, invisible braces can be completely customisable according to the contours of your teeth using 3D imaging technology. This ensures that they act to perfectly set your jaw. An invisible brace treatment in Australia requires you to consult with an expert orthodontist and will usually take a few sessions of seating. The recovery period with invisible braces is also less than with traditional metal braces, thus ensuring that you get back your natural smile in no time.

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The procedure with invisible braces

A straight set of teeth and a natural smile doesn’t anymore require you to wear an ugly set of metal braces for half of the year! Invisible braces, completely hidden from the naked glance has been helping several people (kids and adults) regain their physical confidence, self-esteem and social connections. Also known as clear aligners, they are manufactured using advanced 3D imaging technology and are personalised for every patient opting for it.

There are three types of invisible braces, currently popular in Australia and include ceramic brackets, clear aligners and inside braces. Each of this brace is designed to be hidden from plain view, either with a camouflage texture, positioning at the back row of the teeth or through transparency. The treatment procedure with invisible braces involves a few consultations with your orthodontist, wherein, he/she would be mapping your dental structure. Using 3D imaging technology, a customised invisible brace would be manufactured and another hour of surgery will ensure that it is placed along your jaws.

The recovery period with invisible braces is also less than that of traditional metal braces and thus you can regain your self-confidence faster. Depending on your precise requirement, the cost of invisible brace in Australia will differ between clinics and service providers.

Invisible Braces Recovery Tips

According to the Daily Telegraph, more than 20% of adults in Australia sport teeth braces today. The reason? Even a few years ago, getting a brace was a dreaded thing for all. Individuals who went on to get braces went into depression for the period of the treatment. However, new age solutions like invisible braces ensure that you can regain your self-confidence immediately and no one would know that you are under treatment. For all those plagues with dental issues, especially if they relate to misalignment of teeth, invisible braces is a seamless solution.
The recovery period with invisible braces is faster than we had with traditional metal braces. However, a few lifestyle changes and recovery tips can ensure that you are back to smiling without the aid of any alien element across your jaw.

  • Maintaining oral hygiene by regularly mouth washing
  • Brushing three times a day is recommended during treatment. Several doctors even suggest carry a toothbrush around so that you are able to brush after any kind of meal.
  • Avoiding sticky, oily, too hot or too cold foods
  • Hard food like candies too should be avoided
  • Avoiding food with high acid or sugar content
  • Using a retainer after immediate removal of the braces
  • Regular cleaning of teeth

Overall, it is necessary that you keep your teeth clean and avoid any kind of shock to the braces while they are on.



Invisible braces are recommended to patients for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons why invisible braces are provided are to fix dental issues such as gapped or crooked teeth, bite irregularities and others.

Invisible braces are also better than conventional braces as they provide better aesthetic appearance, increased comfort and lesser pains.

The cost of invisible braces in Melbourne usually lies between $2500 and $7000, and it also depends on your requirements. There are several factors that determine the cost of invisible braces such as the length and duration of the treatment, and the type of treatment.

Cost will also depend on your location, the clinical expertise of the dental professional and the restorative work being provided.

Invisible braces are far better than traditional braces because:
a. You don’t have to go through diet sacrifices. You are free to eat whatever you want.
b. You can remove and put back the braces easily, unlike traditional metal braces that must be worn throughout the treatment.
c. As the name suggests, invisible braces are nearly invisible, thus preventing the embarrassment one might have while wearing metal braces.
d. With invisible braces, brushing and flossing becomes easy, thus giving you good oral health.
e. Metal braces create pain and discomfort, and on the flip side, invisible braces are made of smooth plastic that doesn’t lead to such ordeals.

Invisible braces in Australia are customised for each patient, for it to fit perfectly over the teeth. They are suitable for both adults and children. Your candidacy for the treatment depends on different factors. The dentist would first assess your dental history and listen to your concerns. Your dentist will then determine if invisible braces are perfect for you.

The duration of the treatment and the time you need to wear invisible braces, such as our ClearCorrect Clear Aligners, totally depends on your condition alongside other factors. However, the average time one has to wear invisible braces is anywhere between 10 and 24 months.


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