Best way to approach a wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom tooth, medically termed as third mortars, grows at the back of the mouth and is the last teeth to grow. There are dozens of misunderstanding and misconceptions that revolve around their origin, the sources of pain and the reasons of removal. It’s both surprising and good to know that most people don’t feel any kind of pain while their wisdom tooth takes its place. In these cases, you will suddenly find out one day that there’s another tooth at the back of your jaw and you have in fact got a bit wiser! However, pain does occur when the growth of the wisdom tooth is accompanied by tissue damage, infection, decay, crowding and impaction.

What does a dentist try to diagnose

A wisdom teeth removal in Australia should always be preceded by a through consultation with a qualified specialist. One of the first things that a dentist will look into is the degree of impaction. They can be of two types:

  • Full bony impaction is a condition when the tooth is completely encased in the jawbone. The common problems that patients face in this case include tumour formation, cysts, or damage to neighbouring tooth. However, this is a fairly rare event.
  • A partially erupted tooth is the condition when the wisdom tooth has started sticking through the gums but something is blocking a smooth growth. Complimented by bacterial growth and oral cavity formation, the problem can take the form of tooth decay, periodontal disease (gum infection) and periocoronitis (infection).

How to approach

If pain occurs even when the tooth alignments appear normal, you should give it a few more days and bear with the pain. The cost of wisdom teeth removal in this case will be limited to consultation, antibiotics and pain killer drugs.  If the pain doesn’t subside within a few days and the tooth fails to grow fully, an extraction can always be done.

The patient’s age should also be a consideration when trying to remove a wisdom tooth. Younger patients will always have fewer complications than older adults.
A reputed clinic in Australia will always use the latest technologies like 3D imaging, X-Ray and CT scanning to judge the extent of the damage the wisdom tooth is causing. This is also the best way to suggest a way forward. However, high quality treatment also add to the wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney.

At the end of the day, don’t be too worried about the cost of wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne. The first focus should be your oral health and taking care of the complications. It helps if you have done a prior research about the most affordable and high quality dental clinics in your neighbourhood.

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