Causes and treatment for Partial Eruption of Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth usually appear to people under the age group of 17 to 23.  Dental specialists in Sydney and other parts of the world regard wisdom tooth as third molars with a maximum of 4 teeth erupting at the back end of the mouth in the upper and lower jaws. Ideally the tooth has to be aligned without compromising with other tooth, gums or nerves but, in most cases this does not happen.
In this article let us have a look at Partial Eruption, one of the common problems associated with wisdom tooth.
As far as partial eruption is concerned, the wisdom tooth erupts partially through the gum bed. The gum bed at the back of the tooth forms a flap over the partially erupted tooth surface which is known as operculum. The operculum could easily be infected and could lead to swelling and cause redness in the gums accompanied by terrible pain. The infection is known as pericoronitis.Treatment:
Dentists will mostly recommend extraction of the partially erupted wisdom tooth. First an X-Ray will be taken in order to plan the operation. An incision is made in the gums to remove the bone covering the tooth, and then the tooth is broken into small fragments and taken out. This procedure takes an hour and requires only local anesthetic.

Wisdom teeth removal cost:
Dental costs in Sydney depend on the seriousness of the case. Cost is also affected by the number of teeth to be removed, the dentist you choose and the condition of your mouth.

Post Extraction Issues:
The patient will experience pain, swelling and discomfort for a few days. Your dentist will prescribe Pain killers and antibiotics along with a soothing dressing in the wound. Patients are advised to avoid smoking and drinking till they get completely cured.

Follow your dentist’s advice and get back to your happy lifestyle soon.

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