Dental Implants Costs in Sydney Are Very High

The number of people needing dental care in Australia is on the rise, but a majority put off treatment (until an emergency situation arises) thanks to prohibitive costs.  They manage the pain and discomfort through pain killers and antibiotics. This is especially true for dental implants.  Dental implant costs in Sydney can be anywhere around $5000-$6500. No wonder people prefer to jet off to Asian countries like Thailand, India, or Dubai where the entire treatment can be done for less than half the price.

But you’ll often find dentists in Australia trying to scare people away from seeking treatment overseas. The Australian Board, they say does not recognize that dentists from these countries are qualified enough to practice in Australia. There’s also this conceited claim about the Australian education standard being far superior when compared to standards in these countries.

Truth be told, better education doesn’t always mean that a person is good at a particular job. Individual skill and experience counts for far more than education standards. An experienced and skillful dentist with a high success rate, but from a mediocre education system can be trusted more than an inexperienced but well educated doctor.

Besides, traveling to these countries for dental treatment serves dual purpose; people can enjoy a holiday vacation whilst seeking treatment. A little research on the internet about the level of service, experience and skill of the dentist performing the procedure, hospital facilities, etc. should be helpful. When seeking a quote from the dentist for an implant, make sure that it includes expenses for the surgery, cost for the crown, anesthetist’s fee, etc.  Communication is another aspect that cannot be ignored- the surgeon responsible to carry out the procedure should be able to communicate in English. But this is rarely a problem in countries like Thailand and India where English is the often the most common means of communication among professionals.

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