Dental Implants & Pregnancy: Are Dental Implants Safe For Pregnant Woman?

To maintain a healthy smile, prevent bone loss and other oral health problems, dental implants are a safe and effective method of replacing missing teeth. Due to the recent advancement in dentistry and affordable single dental implant cost, dental implants have provided great results for patients from all walks of life.

Thinking, whether dental implants are safe for pregnant woman? This is a common question that dental professionals often hear from patients. Let dental professionals explain the answer for you.

Pregnant woman undergo dramatic hormonal changes. As estrogen levels spike in the body, the mouth tends to be more prone to gum diseases, and infection. It also causes tooth decay and women can develop gingivitis which could lead to the loss of teeth. For those, dental implant is the life saver to restore their smile. However, they shouldn’t undergo the treatment at certain points of pregnancy.

The first and third trimesters are the most crucial periods of the development of fetus. Any exposure to environmental hazards and other radiations can affect the growth of your baby. Since dental implant treatment requires a checkup using powerful X-rays and also anesthesia during the treatment, most dental implant specialists in Sydney would advise mothers to wait until their second trimester for any oral work. If possible, even to wait until after the baby has been born to ensure no damage at all will be done to the fetus.

However, if infection of the mother’s teeth is too excessive, it is crucial to have the teeth removed as soon as possible to stay away from future oral health problems. Keeping the decayed teeth will affect her immune system which would probably stress the fetus.

Dentists suggest that a dental implant procedure can cause stress on mothers. This raises anxiety level and can impact your child. So it’s advisable to post-pone the dental implant treatment until you give birth.

Tips To Stay Away From Oral Health Problems During Pregnancy:

  • To stay away from oral health problems, pregnant woman should be more active to maintain their oral health. If you’re experiencing excessive morning sickness and vomiting during pregnancy, it is advised to use mouthwash and flavorless toothpaste to prevent any unnecessary bacteria buildup and increase infection.
  • Pregnant woman should always avoid eating any snacks high in sugar and carbohydrates because bacteria thrive on sugar & carbohydrates and make your moth more prone to decay. It’s best to intake more diary supplements for stronger bones and teeth for both mom and child.
  • Don’t skip your dentist appointments while pregnant. It’s safe for pregnant women to receive dental care. Just make sure you let your dentist know that you’re pregnant.

Keep your mouth healthy while pregnant is the best way to be prepared for implant surgery. After the first trimester, pregnant patients are typically given the green light for dental implants and other regular oral checkups can be continued. If you’re looking to get cheap dental implant treatment in Australia, visit www.dentistscost.com.au blogging site to know more!

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