Four Facts to Know Before You Get Your Dental Implants in Thailand

The recent years have witnessed an increasing number of Australian patients travelling to countries like Thailand for getting their dental implants. The main reason behind dental tourism is the affordable cost. But how cost effective is this travel stunt for getting your dental implants?

The facts below can get patients thinking deeper into the so-called cheap dental implant cost in Thailand.

  • Dental implants are not a “one-off” treatment. They must be followed with the right dental hygiene practices and regular check-ups. The dentist who performed your treatment is the best person to consult in case of any issues or problems with the implants. This however is not possible when you avail the treatment overseas.
  • Establishing a good rapport with the dentist is essential to feel at ease and to get all queries clarified before the treatment. The linguistic and cultural issues that may arise while dealing with these dentists must obstruct the treatment.
  • Patients with gum diseases or any form of periodontal disease must have their gums treated first to benefit from the dental implants. This may however take months to recover and patients are required to keep track of the treatment regularly. The entire process cannot be established during a short holiday in Thailand and a rushed procedure may have to compromise with the quality of service.
  • The dental rules and regulations of Australia promise the highest quality and control of all services. Australians who aim to avail the overseas affordable dental implants in Thailand are not bound by these protective measures.

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