How Dental Implants Improve Your Oral Health – 4 Things to Know

Dental implants have helped several patients achieve optimum oral health, confidence, and happiness. However, there are several people who don’t prefer to go with the procedure as they believe that the dental implants cost is quite expensive and require longer healing periods. But, once you get to know how dental implants contribute to one’s oral health, you would feel confident enough to go ahead with the procedure and that it’s a worthy investment. Here’s how dental implants help preserve your oral health:

Preserves your Bone Density:

Jawbone supports both the upper and lower teeth. The tooth roots and bone tissue are connected, and acts as a stable foundation. When there’s missing tooth, the bone density would begin to deteriorate. Dental implants are designed in such a way that they connect directly to the jaw bone. Since they are made of Titanium, a biocompatible material, they gradually fuse with the jawbone. This will help retain your bone density while also lead to jawbone growth. This will improve your health as well as your appearance as bone deterioration is reduced. This should explain that dental implants cost is worth paying for.

Brings Down the Risk of Cavities:

When there’s missing tooth, it could increase the risk of tooth decay. This is why you need to take care of your remaining teeth when you experience tooth loss. Bacterial growth could occur in the area surrounding the missing tooth, which leads to the formation of plaque and tooth decay. Placing a cheap dental implant will restore the area and restore your smile while reducing the risk of cavities. You would be able to take care of your tooth as usual through regular brushing and flossing.

Enhances Periodontal Health:

Periodontal disease is one of the common reasons behind missing tooth for many patients. Missing tooth could leave empty spaces that become breeding grounds for bacteria. This is also when plaque could easily build up. When you place dental implants and fill the gaps, you would be reducing the risk of gum diseases, thus enhancing your periodontal health.

Prevents Teeth from Shifting:

Teeth depend on each other to stay intact. You might have to retain tooth alignment if you have had orthodontic treatment in the past. If you have missing tooth, the surrounding teeth would start to shift in order to fill the gap. This would lead to bite issues, and as the teeth gets crowded, it becomes harder for you to maintain good oral health due to difficulties in brushing and flossing. After the dental implants procedure, you could close the gaps and connect the jawbone. This prevents shifting of your teeth in the first place.

Dental implants not just fill the gap and act as a good solution for your missing teeth problems, but also helps prevent oral health issues that could potentially be caused by loss of teeth. Get in touch with a dental professional if you have any queries about dental implant price or anything else about it.

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