How to Heal Well After Removing Wisdom Teeth?

If the dentist recommends your wisdom teeth to be removed, there is no need to panic. You will be wise just the same way you were before. If the third molars begin affecting your oral health, the right thing that you can carry out research and know the wisdom teeth removal cost.

Knowing the wisdom teeth price will help you to prepare adequately for the surgery. To make sure you remain safe, there are a number of healing measures you need to consider to avoid health complications.

Why is After Care Important

When the dentists remove your teeth, there are common signs you will identify such as bleeding, discomfort, bruising after surgery and swelling. You will recover from these signs within a short period of time. The dry socket is the common surgical complication you need to avoid. The dry socket will be formed when there is a blood clot which dissolves to expose the nerve endings and the bone. Some of the common symptoms are severe pain, bad breath, unpleasant taste, visible bone and in some cases a small fever. There can also be swollen lymph nodes on your neck.

To prevent any problems after you have removed the teeth once you are happy with the wisdom teeth cost, here are some of the precautions you need to take into account to make the healing process faster.

Prevention of Swelling

To avoid swelling, you can apply ice packs outside the mouth. It should be carried out intermittently meaning that it should be done at an interval of 20 minutes i. e two minutes on and 20 minutes off. You can carry it out for about two days to minimise the swelling and feelings of discomfort. If the teeth got infected prior to its removal the dentist can inform you to use warm compresses rather than ice packs.


Bleeding is expected to take place and you can place a pad over the exact area for about 30 minutes after the surgery has been carried out. If there is heavy bleeding, you can place your finger over the area of bleeding for about 30 minutes. Another alternative is the use of a moist tea bag over the area. The tannic acid found in the tea bags will make the blood vessel to contract to reduce the bleeding.

Taking Care of the Mouth

It is important for you to limit talking and drinking during the first two hours after the surgery. You can rest for the remainder of the day after the surgery. Limiting your exercises is also important and it will help you avoid spitting that can further cause harm to you.


When the bleeding has stopped, take your time and drink lukewarm. Alternatively, you can take the cold fluids to make sure you remain hydrated. To prevent the dislodging of the blood clot, it is important for you to avoid the carbonated soft drinks and other meals that might leave particles on the socket such as popcorns and peanuts.

Incidences Where You Can Call the Dentist

  • Persistence Swelling
  • Persistence of a fever
  • Excessive bleeding

It is important to know that the dentist can help you remove your wisdom teeth within the shortest time possible. All you need to know is the wisdom teeth price and you will be ready to go.

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