Invest in Dental Implant Cost to Replace a Missing Tooth for your Overall Well-Being!

Invest in Dental Implant Cost to Replace a Missing Tooth for your Overall Well-Being!

Did you know, Australians aged 15 and above have an average of 12.8 missing, decayed or filled teeth? A missing tooth, especially in the front row, creates an unsightly gap in your smile. This can make you feel self-conscious about your smile. However, you must know that a missing tooth not only leads to cosmetic concerns but something more than that.

Your mouth functions as a doorway between the outside world and your inner body. Because of this connection, your dental health connects closely to your overall wellness.

This is why dentists advise replacing missing teeth at the earliest. You have a variety of dental restorative treatment options available to resolve the problems with missing teeth and to make your smile whole again. However, dentists recommend investing in dental implants cost with a success rate of 95%to other restorative treatments.

There are quite a few complications that can occur if you have a gap in your smile for a long time. In this post, let us discuss the consequences of ignoring missing teeth and the need for investing in dental implants cost.

The relation between teeth and General Health:

  • Our mouth functions at its best when all the teeth are intact and correctly aligned. If you miss any one of your teeth due to ageing, accidents, decay, etc. your oral health starts to degrade over time. Hence by taking steps like investing in dental implant price to repair or replace a missing tooth, you can avoid this deterioration.
  • A gap in your smile can make other teeth to shift from its position. As a result, your bite is damaged. And this altered teeth alignment hinders proper oral hygiene routine, and you fall at risk for oral problems like gum disease and tooth decay.
  • An empty tooth socket can threaten the integrity of your jawbone. Your jawbone needs stimulation from the teeth to grow and function properly. When you lose even a single tooth, the jawbone underneath lacking stimulation starts to shrink with time. Ultimately, you may begin to suffer from gum receding as your jaw bone shrinks. This also leads to some aesthetic issues, as you will look much older than your actual age.

Now you know how missing teeth can affect your oral health. However, it doesn’t stop here.

Harmful bacteria are more likely to breed in the spaces left by missing teeth. These bacteria may enter into your body through the bloodstream. This raises your risk to several health conditions, including heart disease. Besides, pregnant women with increased oral bacteria are at risk for premature birth.

Hence actions should be promptly taken to avoid further problems.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for your missing tooth to begin to threaten your overall health. There are so many dental treatments like a cheap dental implant to restore your oral health. By repairing your smile with dental implants, you can protect yourself from adverse risks of missing teeth.

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