Invisible Braces – Step by Step Process Explained

A perfectly aligned teeth is no more a dream, but a real reality! Thanks to the advancements of cosmetic dentistry, invisible braces has imparted a beautiful smile for so many people out there. Even better, this could be achieved without all the pain and discomfort that traditional braces used to give. Traditional metal braces were a nightmare for many, so much so that people gave up their dream of obtaining well-aligned teeth. With invisible braces, you can enjoy a host of benefits throughout the treatment process. Find out how the treatment is offered for you.

Step 1: Meeting with the Dentist
The process begins with finding the ideal cosmetic dentist who offers you good quality invisible braces. In this initial consultation, you will have to discuss about your requirements for aligning your teeth. Based on your suggestions, the dentist will conduct a simple examination to analyse the situation of your teeth and arrive at a decision that’s agreeable for you.

Step 2: Clinical Assessment
After the initial consultation, you will have to schedule a second meeting with the dentist, wherein the technical aspects of the treatment will be clarified to you. An X-ray of your mouth will also be taken, and the obtained teeth impressions will be forwarded to the lab for the initial design process.

Step 3: Final Consultation
Before you are offered the aligners, you will have to visit the dentist one more time to discuss the treatment plan. You will initially be shown a preview of how the end results will look like alongside your present condition and the mid-treatment stage. The treatment plan will be customised based on your requirements as well as the nature of your teeth.

Step 4: Development Phase
Once all the above stages are complete, you will be provided with the invisible aligners that are designed exclusively for you. The initial batch of aligners will be offered as stated in the treatment plan, after which the next set will be provided at the end of the treatment.

Step 5: Treatment Process
You will be offered instructions regarding the usage and maintenance of the invisible braces. This includes how it has to be worn and how long should you wear it. Invisible braces can be easily removed and put back without any effort, hence the patient can do it themselves with confidence. You are advised to carefully follow the instructions provided by the dentist to make the treatment successful. The success of the treatment depends on your commitment and careful usage of the aligners.

Now that you know the simple 5 step process of the invisible braces treatment, you should be understanding the convenience of it. Visit your nearest dentist, get your aligners and flaunt that perfect smile you always wanted!

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