Invisible Braces – The New Way to Straighten Your Teeth

Invisible braces are the easy and very affordable way to straighten your teeth and treatment plans are made in the same lab and designed by the same orthodontic professionals. These modern braces are invisible to others, and so most people prefer undergoing invisible brace treatment. These braces are made from an acrylic material or clear plastic that fits straight over your teeth.

Here is a list of few reasons that makes you choose invisible braces,

  • Invisible braces are easy to clean and they can be removed whenever needed.
  • Unlike traditional metal braces, you don’t have any food restrictions with clear braces.
  • Patients using invisible braces do not feel discomfort and you can change it by yourself every two weeks.
  • Invisible braces are as effective as traditional metal braces and are made to address the dental issues such as overbite, under bites, gaps between the teeth and overcrowding.

Cost of Invisible Braces in Australia

Here are few factors that affect the cost of invisible braces in Australia.

Type of the Material

Depending on the type of the material used to create clear braces, the cost may vary. The more clearer the braces, the more costly they tend to be.


Invisible braces that are used to correct severely malformed teeth or defects that have not been treated early on are costly compared to the cost of invisible braces that are used for issues where growth problems have been addressed at an early age.


The invisible braces cost in Australia is also influenced by the location of the dental facility in Australia. If the treatment is carried out in metropolitan areas like inner Sydney, it costs more due to the higher cost of doing business there.


Did you know having Health Care Plans can reduce the cost of dental braces? If you are a member of long-time health care plan, the cost of the treatment is less and the treatment would be more expensive if applicable limits for dental care have been exceeded.

Experience and Reputation

The practitioner’s reputation and experience acts as a contributing factor to the cost of invisible braces in Australia. The treatment will be less costly when the treatment is done in a small dental practice.

Estimates for Various Costs Associated with Invisible Braces

The cost of the invisible braces in Australia includes $60 to $80 for initial consultation. Some dentists also charge additional cost for a formal initial visit to the dental office for consultation. Minor treatments start at $4,500 and the full treatment costs between $6,000 and $9,000.

The fee estimates are also included for the entire range of services covered by the treatment,


  • Fitting
  • Adjustments
  • Retention visits and observation
  • Removal

Some dental practices do not include the cost of pre-fitting consultation, record maintenance and preparatory work required before the fitting with the aim to offer cheap invisible braces in Australia.

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