Is Dental Tourism a Safe Option? Let’s Discuss Now!

Let me ask a question, how far would you be willing to travel for having dental implant? You may ready to travel across few suburbs or maybe even interstate? Would you like to fly another country? These questions might sound “Strange”, but nearly 80% of patients are packing their bags to chase cheap dentistry via dental tourism abroad.

Do you know “What Dental Tourism is?” Let me explain:

Dental tourism is considered as the branch of medical tourism that focuses on dental care and dental treatment. With the soaring rise of dental treatment cost in developed countries, many tourists have considered getting the dental treatment overseas.

It’s also known as dental vacations; i.e. this is considered as a holiday for foreigners, which include accommodations. Some people also choose to make the most out of their stay by touring the city or country.

Recently Australia has seen a rise in the number of people travelling overseas to undertake dental procedures hoping they will “save” money. But there is a doubt whether travelling for dental care overseas is really worth your while. Let’s discuss…

  • Many overseas dental practitioners that offer such cheap treatments to patients are practitioners that are not under the control of Australian Dental rules and regulations. Dentists in Australia abide by the highest standards of practice, safety and excellence in care.
  • Dental implants need to be done in a good amount of time, and it cannot be done professionally over a holiday period of 7 days. Fitting dental implants within a holiday schedule without allowing time will only increase the chances of complications and failure.
  • And also, due to language and culture differences, patients undertaking treatment in a foreign country may find it difficult to have their needs understood. If some complications arise, these communication differences can cause more difficulty in the process of rectification.

As a patient, these are the few things you need to be aware before choosing Dental Tourism. It is important to weigh up all factors when considering dental treatment overseas. Choose wisely and make a step forward to healthy smile!

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