Mini Dental Implants vs. Standard Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are the newest innovation in restorative dentistry. And many people still don’t know what it is and how it differs from conventional dental implants. To keep you up to date and aware of the latest updates on dentistry, we’ve bought the comparison of mini dental implant and standard dental implants.

One of the major differences is its size. Standard dental implants are usually 4-5 mm in size whereas mini dental implants measure less than 3mm in diameter. They are usually used to provide support to dentures and used for smaller gaps. And, conventional dental implants are often used when replacing teeth such as molar.

Although both traditional and mini dental implants are made of titanium, and the strength of dental implants is based on the length of the screw, dentists prefer traditional implants for replacing molars. This is because mini implants cannot take as much chewing force as the traditional one.

Traditional and mini dental implant cost varies based on the affected area. As already discussed that the size of mini dental implant is lower than conventional one, thus making mini implants a cost-effective option.

Insertion Process
The procedure is same for both but with different time period. Treatment time is less for mini implants because of the smaller diameter of the screw. In both the procedure, a small hole is drilled into the bone, allowing the insertion of the titanium screw. After that, it is allowed to heal for several weeks.
If you want to know more about dental implant, cost of dental implant in Australia or mini implant, seek help of your nearby cosmetic dentist. Get knowledge and act wisely.

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