Minimum Cost to Replace your Missing Teeth Using Dental Implants

Are you conscious of missing teeth or wearing dentures? Opt for dental implants, an ideal option for replacing missing or badly diseased teeth and to regain confidence. Dental implants in Australia are considered to be a great alternative to dentures and are considered to be the most natural looking restoration option. If your missing teeth are making you feel shy and insecure, dental implants are the perfect option for restoring a beautiful and natural looking smile.

The dental implants cost in Australia varies between $4000 and $8000 per implant, or $25,000 – $50,000 for a full arch ‘All-on-4®’ implant procedure. This cost also includes placement of the dental implant and the crown fitted to the implant. Here we have listed a few things that you should consider while comparing dental implant costs.

Implant Components

Implants components made from a well-established and reputable implant manufacturer costs significantly more than second-rate manufacturers. Reputable implant systems normally have over 20-30 years of research and data on their products. So, while opting for dental implants, ask your dentist what implant systems are available in their practice. Choose implants made from high-quality materials to prevent implant failure in future.

Complexity of the Treatment

For some patients, dental implant procedure requires extraction and subsequent placement of an implant whereas others have an infection present in the extraction site which will need treating and healing before implant placement. In some patients, if the tooth has been missing for years, bone resorption may have taken place and an additional step, bone grafting to support the implant. A patient’s medical history and current condition will affect your treatment procedure and cost.

Dental Office Facilities

The facilities present in the dental office you choose also serve as the deciding factor for dental implants cost in Sydney. The presence of an on-site laboratory allows you to discuss your restoration options with the technician directly without additional visits. The technicians at the dental office should take a look in person and talk to you about your preference since your implant crown, or ‘tooth,’ has to be customized to suit you. These technicians can also modify the colour and appearance to best suit your existing teeth.

Specialisation and Experience of Surgeon

In Australia, there is no law preventing a general dentist with limited experience from carrying out complex implant surgery. When it comes to dental implants, the diagnosis, treatment planning, and implant surgery is highly technical and requires a professional hand. When poorly executed, it can cause serious issues and leads to implant failure. So, the professionals you choose must have undertaken extensive postgraduate training for any extensive and expensive implant treatment. These professionals charge high cost than other local surgeons.

There are also some dental surgeons who don’t charge any hidden costs for implant procedures. However, the implant success rate is high (96 to 98%) even though the cost of dental implants in Australia is high.

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