Myths about Dental Implants Debunked

Dental implants have gained its popularity in the recent times. It is the standard of care for tooth loss and offers important advantages. But there are many myths related to dental implants. If you’ve considered dental implants but you’ve heard some not-so-pleasant rumblings, then it’s time to really find out if what you know is true.

Myth 1:
Mini implants can be substituted for standard dental implants

Mini dental implant costs less than dental implants. But as mini implants are primarily for short-term use, they cannot be substituted for dental implants.

Myth 2:
Dental implant placement is extremely painful

Dental implant placement is surgery, so there will be some pain & discomfort. However, most patients who undergo the procedure find it not more painful or uncomfortable than a simple tooth extraction.

Myth 3:
Any dentist is qualified to surgically place dental implants

Although it is legal for any licensed dentist to place dental implants, not every dentist has extensive training in surgical implant procedures, or experience in managing potential complications that can occur. Dental implant treatment is extremely successful when performed by a trained clinician.

Myth 4:
Dental implants can cause headaches

The latest myth about dental implants is that the titanium in the dental implant itself can cause migraines or headaches. Luckily, there has been no clinical research supporting that the two are connected.

Myth 5:
Dental implants in Australia are very expensive

Dental implant cost in Australia is more expensive than other options for replacing teeth. The price can vary substantially based on the overall state of your oral health. As dental implants are meant to last your entire life, you’re investing for the long-term.

If your beliefs about dental implants have been debunked, and you’re ready for the long-term investment, make sure you visit a trained dentist.

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