Never Judge A Dental Clinic By Its Looks!

Like it or not, prejudice is hard wired into the human psyche! And one such preconceived notion is that we tend to associate flashy interiors and showy appearance of dental clinics with better treatment and better value!  This is perhaps why dentists prefer to open clinics in posh neighborhoods where they get to justify their exorbitant fees.

Patients are made to feel that they’re at an advantage just because they’ve chosen a doctor in an affluent part of the city. And the way such practitioners manipulate gullible clients is by asking them to choose between quality service and cost! Who wouldn’t choose the former, especially when it comes to the teeth! But truth be told, value has nothing to do with costs.

A clinic full of glossy interiors and expensive furniture does not mean that the dentist is experienced or is efficient enough to handle all your problems. So what matters when choosing a good dentist? Here are a few factors that I think to be important;

A hygienic environment:

An environment that’s clean and under control for infections is the perfect place to visit. Strict implementation of infection control practices not only protects the patient but also the dentist and other professionals working in that environment.

Good and Friendly Staff:

A dentist or allied support staff that are rude to patients and cut them short while discussing a problem can only intimidate them. Patients aren’t aware of jargons and may sometimes use the most basic words to explain their problem or may even take their own time to reach to the basic problem. Dentists who cut short patients also run the risk of wrong diagnosis as the concept of preconceived notion is at work here and he may end up assuming the problem without hearing it in its entirety.

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