Say “No” To Dental Tourism

Have you heard of the term “Dental Tourism”? Yes… You’re right! Dental Tourism is considered as the branch of medical tourism that focuses on dental care and dental treatment. With the ever increase of dental costs in Sydney, more and more people are packing their bags to chase cheap dentistry via dental tourism abroad. While you may know someone who has successfully undergone dental work overseas or you are tempted by the potential savings, you should be aware that there are serious risks.

Risk #1If you’re overseas receiving dental treatment & in cases like dental emergency or medical situation, you may not have the indulgence of expert emergency care, support from family and friends, or even the ability to communicate to your dentist in your mother language. But Dentists in Sydney are appropriately trained to deal with such cases of dental emergencies.

Risk #2Aussies seeking for dental tourism commonly undergo procedures that require dental implants, bridges and crowns. Just imagine, if you return from your overseas treatment and after a short time you discover a fault in the work, who will repair it? Who will you complain to? But all these risks are completely eliminated by choosing dentists in Sydney. All the materials used for dental treatment in Sydney are regulated and formulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Risk #3Let me ask one question, “Do you know that the dentist you are seeing overseas is appropriately trained and qualified to perform the treatment?” Obviously No…Right? But here, in Australia, dental specialists undergo extensive training at university, are registered to practice under the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. And also registered dentists in Australia are strictly qualified to perform the great majority of all dental cases and are also well trained to know when to refer complex cases to specialists.

Risk #4 When it comes to dentistry, the Infection Control Standards in Australia is one of the best practices in the world. Infection control requirements in overseas countries are less rigid. It is crucial for the procedure of dental implants to require stringent infection control as it often includes surgery.
These are the few reasons on why you have to say “No” to dental tourism. Even though, the dental cost in Sydney is little bit expensive, the end result you receive is fruitful and long lasting. So before you seriously consider dental treatment overseas, consult a local dentist to weigh up your options.

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