The Endless Values of Dental Implants

Most people have a misconception that dental implants are expensive. Quite frankly, once the patient understands the long term benefits of dental implants, they are seen as one of the best investments one can make. When truly understanding the benefits, the obstacle of dental implants cost in Sydney becomes less of a concern.

Implants may seem expensive because all treatment fees occur at once. The costs for the implants, placement and the restorations are paid for as one fee. The true value of dental implants, and the actual savings they provide, occurs in the form of the many expenses dental implants help you avoid.

  • With proper care, dental implants in Australia are designed to last your lifetime. That, in itself, is a tremendous value. Additionally, they restore the ability to eat comfortably and laugh with confidence. This helps to enhance your physical health.
  • Dental implants never decay, need root canals or compromise neighbouring teeth or the bone structures that support teeth. Dental implants are also beneficial for the jaw bones that support them.
  • Since dental implants are positioned in the jaw, they recreate the presence of tooth roots, which provides stimulation of jaw bones. This is one of the roles of natural tooth roots.
  • The cost of dental implants treatment in Melbourne is largely based on the number of implants placed. However, an implant is not always needed for each missing tooth. For those who are missing several teeth or even a full arch, several strategically-placed implants can often provide sufficient support.
  • For example, when several teeth are missing in one area, one implant can often support a bridge of two or more teeth. An added bonus of using an implant to support a bridge is its ability to protect the integrity of neighbouring teeth. With dental implants, it is not necessary to crown otherwise healthy teeth for the mere purpose of supporting a bridge.
  • While a traditional crown & bridge combination relies on adjacent teeth as support, an implant is supported by your jaw bone, providing the same dependable foundation as your natural teeth once had. You will be able to bite and chew without worries.
  • For those who are missing all upper or lower teeth, as few as 4 to 6 implants may be sufficient to support a full arch of teeth. With strategic placements and appropriate selection of implant systems, the force of biting and chewing can be distributed evenly. This is also possible for patients who have experienced a great deal of bone loss. Some implant systems are able to support non-removable teeth that are secured to several implants in a minimal amount of bone.

We all like to be smart shoppers. And, we are aware that, in most cases, “you get what you pay for.” That’s true in the case of dental implants too. Every patient can achieve the smile that makes them happy decades after their investment has been made.

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