The Top Four Factors That Influence the Cost of a Dental Implant

Dental implants are the most preferred choice for replacing the missing teeth. However, they come with a significant cost and the dental implants cost Sydney varies from one patient to another. While some believe that dental implants are expensive, they are in fact the most cost-effective solution in the long run. Superficially, some treatments for replacing a missing tooth may seem very cheap but in the long they demand a huge amount for maintenance and can be troublesome too.

Want to know more about the cost of getting affordable dental implants Sydney? Analyse the below factors.

The quality of the constituent material
A dental implant is comprised of three main parts the implant, crown and abutment. The crown comes in different types of materials and patients can choose one based on their budget and the type of tooth to be replaced. For instance, a resin crown can do the job right and is the cheapest option too. However, there are other types of crown such as porcelain or ceramic and these options are slightly more expensive.

Your choice of a dental surgeon or hospital
Every dentist is different in terms of experience, expertise, popularity and location. If the patient opts for a dentist or a dental hospital that is the best in the business, then this is going to naturally impact the cost of the dental implant. However, by entrusting the oral health into the hands of the experienced and skilled dentists, patients can feel relieved. Also, dentists in crowded cities (when compared to the remote suburbs) charge more for dental treatments. The reason behind this trend is higher demand for such services.

The tooth to be replaced with the dental implant
When a patient wants to replace his back tooth, then the chances for a cheap dental implants Sydney procedure is possible. But when the front tooth of the patient must be replaced then the implant costs goes up significantly. Front tooth need more time and care to be replaced and it may need the intervention of a specialist to ensure that the implant process is completed in the most aesthetic manner. Also, the abutment part of the implant for the front teeth is more expensive than the ones used for back teeth. In some patients, the worn out tooth may have not grown in a straight manner thus leaving very little space for the implant. This again makes the process trickier and more complicated.

The need for bone grafting
When the lost tooth is ignored for a long time, the jawbone begins to deteriorate. In this case, bone grafting must be performed before the dental implants are fixed. This involves use of additional resources and more effort from the dentist. This can also lead to higher costs.

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