The Trefoil™ System – The Next Big Thing in Implant Dentistry

The use of innovation is the lifeblood of any dental technology and is completely necessary for the advancement of healthcare. A successful innovation involves a new idea, device or method to overcome the drawbacks of the existing technology and meet the specific requirements of the current market.

The most common roadblock in adapting the latest advancements in implant dentistry is its high cost. Moreover, it has restricted the number of people to afford dental implants in Australia.

The introduction of the Trefoil™ System offers a simplified clinical work flow using a standardised prefabricated framework at an affordable cost. This technology has been tested and proved to reduce the treatment time.

The Trefoil™ System offers a more affordable premium alternative for an entirely new patient population who is looking for cheap dental implants in Sydney Australia instead of replacing any of the current edentulous solutions presently available.

Why the Trefoil™ System?

According to the dental implant literature documents, most of the patients who received dental implants reported issues such as,

  • Screw loosening
  • Screw and framework fracture
  • Post-surgical prosthetic complications and more.

The concept of the Trefoil™ System is proposed to overcome the above said complications and eliminate the misfit between the prefabricated framework and the three misaligned implants.

How the Trefoil™ System Works?

The Trefoil™ System uses a pre-manufactured titanium bar with a unique™ retention mechanism to prevent deviations from the ideal implant position and enable the passive fit of the definitive prosthesis.

The usage of the titanium bar simplifies the creation of the definitive acrylic prosthesis and reduces the time required for the restorative clinician and the lab. The frame work is designed in such a way to compensate for horizontal, vertical and angular deviations from the ideal implant position.

Features of the Trefoil™ System

  • It comes with a pre-fabricated framework and three implants
  • No impressions and no restorative components
  • Reduced chair time, lab time and decreased laboratory fees
  • Simple procedure, limited technology
  • Same-day teeth
  • Full acrylic wrap-around

Benefits of the Trefoil™ System

Definitive Teeth in a Day

The Trefoil system makes fixed and definitive teeth on the day of implant surgery and allows immediate function.

Reduced Chair Time
The use of the pre-manufactured titanium bar simplifies the restorative workflow and reduces the chair time for the patients. Moreover, it also reduces the active working time of an experienced clinician and the lab time to six hours approximately.

Shorter Time to Teeth
Unlike traditional dental implants treatment procedure, the Trefoil system allows fixing prosthesis six months earlier. This is because it doesn’t require any impressions to create moulds or any other restorative components.

In addition to the above benefits, the ground-breaking adjustable framework used in the Trefoil™ concept is smart enough to correct meaningful minor misalignments. So, it is expected that edentulous people looking for affordable dental implants in Australia will soon embrace this new technology for better results.

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