The Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost Is Worth in Australia

Having your impacted wisdom teeth taken out is one of the most dreaded dental procedures for many Australians, but it’s also one of the most common. Still, some use to avoid having wisdom teeth extraction due to the cost associated with it, unawareness of its benefits of removing the teeth, and the future issues associated with it without removing the teeth. Did you know the wisdom teeth removal cost is affordable and well worth if you compare the problems? So, it’s the right time to get a cheap dental implant in Australia since wisdom teeth price is affordable now!

Cost of Wisdom Teeth Extraction
The wisdom teeth cost varies based on the number of extraction, complicate associated with it, location, dental health insurance coverage, and type of extraction you need.

Type of wisdom teeth removal procedure and the cost associated with it,

  • For basic extraction in Australia, you will be charged from $250 to $300 per tooth.
  • For complex extraction in Australia, you will be charged from $300 to $600 per tooth.
  • For oral surgery using sedatives or general anaesthetic in Australia, you will be charged from $1500 to $3000.

Note: The entire wisdom teeth price also includes initial consultation that ranges from $60 – $200, and taking X-ray that ranges from $85 to $150.

Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

  1. Dentures: Require dentures? Extracting the wisdom teeth is recommended for some patients.
  2. Orthodontic Purposes: Received orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth previously? The pressure caused by wisdom teeth can counteract that treatment and push your teeth out of place. So, it is wise to remove the wisdom teeth.
  3. Pressure Pain: As wisdom teeth emerge, they put a great deal of pressure on other teeth in your mouth as they make room for the new arrival. This can cause extreme pain and also erode the nearby teeth.
  4. Gum Infection: If a wisdom tooth partially emerges from the gum, it causes food and bacteria to get stuck beneath the gum and cause infection.
  5. Tooth Decay: If your wisdom teeth don’t have room in your mouth to develop, it grows in the wrong angle. And, it will become difficult to clean the wisdom tooth properly, and bacteria, food, and other nasties can accumulate in the area and cause decay.
  6. Impacted Wisdom Tooth: If your teeth partially emerge from your gums, it leads to infection. Apart from teeth decay, it also leads to the formation of cysts, which can destroy bone and damage nearby teeth.

Final Wrap
Do you want wisdom teeth extraction without breaking your bank? Know the cost of wisdom teeth removal cost completely for your teeth condition, and book an appointment for wisdom teeth removal now!

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