Top reasons why you should spend in a high quality dental implant

If you are worried about the cost of dental implants in Melbourne, also know that 90% of the produces result in a success. Dental implants give you a whole new life, the confidence to smile and present yourself. However, its longevity depends on the quality of the procedures and on the patient’s commitment to keeping them healthy. Similar to any other dental procedures, here are a few reasons why you should be seeking a dental implant.

Loose implant

The most common problems people face with dental implants is that they become loose and gradually detach from your jaws over a period of time. This occurs when the titanium implant doesn’t fuse properly with the jaw bone – a condition referred to as osseointegration. In some cases, it is due to the incorrect positioning, possibly done by an under qualified and inexperienced dentist. The result will be a sudden blow on your life.

Implants can also get lose over time if you are suffering from diabetes that slows implant healing process and in some cases prevent it from happening. To do a successful implant, it requires that your jaw has a good density of muscle and bone structure. Consequently, in cases where the person has lost a bone due to decay or accident, dental implants are preceded by bone grafting. While this adds to the duration of treatment, you will also have to be prepared for a higher dental implant cost in Sydney.

Tissue damage

Another situation where you will be recommended a dental implant is when your jaw tissues have damaged due to infection. It is natural to feel a little too sensitive after an implant is done but if bleeding persists for more than a couple of days, it is necessary that you get it checked. Again, failed implants in such situation come from inexperience. The top dentists in Melbourne would use a range of diagnosis tools like 3D imaging and CT scans to judge the problem before designing an implant. Guesswork always fails. However, high quality procedure with the latest tools and maximum chance of success always convert into higher costs.


Infections post dental implant surgery isn’t too common but can occur if the bacteria weren’t cleaned properly during the procedure. Dental cement is another reason for infection post-surgery. Peri-implantitis, as the condition is called in medical terms, also causes inflammation of the tissues around the implant and the patient will feel unbearable pain. It is necessary that you immediate have the implant removed and redone in a proper way.

Cutting costs with dental implants in Australia isn’t a recommended way of treatment. While you can always seek the help of insurances and rebates, it is necessary that you go for a high quality treatment.

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