What Happens If You Wait Too Long To Get Wisdom Teeth Out?

If you are of the assumption that you don’t require a wisdom tooth extraction, then you’re probably wrong. About 90% of the people across the globe simply do not have sufficient space in their jaw bones for the teeth to grow. So, it is essential that a person has to undergo a cheap wisdom teeth removal process by an expert oral surgeon. Usually your dentist or orthodontist will suggest undergoing an affordable wisdom teeth removal cost procedure, while the person is between the ages of 13 and 18. Yes, it is essential to remove the teeth before the roots form, as it will prevent teeth impaction. Well, there are even more complications, if the wisdom teeth are not removed at the right time, they are –

  • Pain in wisdom teeth, which is caused due the presence of infection. You might experience this pain or soreness in the jaw, throat, ear, on the cheek or on the wisdom tooth site.
  • The infection caused at the wisdom tooth site, creates a bacteria which spreads across the body and affects various organ systems within. This is highly risky for people with low immune systems. Hence it is imperative to opt for an affordable wisdom teeth removal cost without any delay, as it affects the overall health.
  • It is really hard to clean partially erupted wisdom teeth. Consequently there are many chances of food particles getting accumulated in the tooth, and the chance of dental plaque is also very high. If this is left untreated, it will end up in destructing the jaw bone.
  • Wisdom teeth are susceptible to tooth decay, since they are positioned at the back of their mouth.
  • An infected wisdom tooth, damages the adjacent tooth by spreading the decay to the neighbouring tooth.
  • When wisdom tooth doesn’t erupt properly, it causes tooth impaction. These impacted teeth can form either in the upper or the lower jaw. In these cases, the teeth are usually trapped within the soft tissues or the jaw bone without enough room to grow up.
  • Also, when a impacted wisdom teeth forces itself to grow from within, it can cause the tooth to shift and damage the adjacent teeth.
  • Chances of formation of jaw cyst are very high, if the impacted wisdom tooth is not extracted. If left unattended, this cyst can damage the nearby bone and also result in cancer.
  • Inflamed tissues around the wisdom tooth results in a disease called Pericoronitis, an infection which is caused by the flap of gum tissue.

The above listed are a few causes of not removing the wisdom tooth on the right time. Along with this, it is important to understand that the entire structural integrity of the jaw can be weakened due to the Wisdom teeth growing in awkward position. So don’t delay any further, check out the wisdom teeth removal price and undergo the extraction process!

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