What is the Average Cost of a Dental Implant?

What is the Average Cost of a Dental Implant?

When it comes to dental implants, the most common question people ask is, “how much do dental implants cost? “In order to give you the best estimate, in this post we are going to dive into the dental implants cost! The cost of dental implants differs from one patient to the next, depending on their needs. Before having dental implant treatment, it is essential to know the approximate cost of having dental implants, and the factors that affect the dental implant cost.

Things to Consider When Inquiring About the Cost of a Dental Implant

1. Bone Grafting

The jaw bone is extremely important when it comes to taking the dental implant procedure. Yes, to support the dental implant, you need enough bone. If you need a lot of bone grafting, definitely, it will affect the cost of the implant. If you have inadequate jaw bone, there will be a need to do some bone grafting.

2. Bone Screw

The next one of the important factors when it comes to dental implant cost is a screw that goes into the bone. As you know, basically, three different components make up the dental implant price. In that, the screw to fix in the bone will make as an added cost. Yes, the implant itself is a separate cost from the abutment and the crown the goes on top.

3. Sinus Lifting Or Other Procedures

Next important thing to note is the additional procedure required. In case, if you in need of sinus lifting or other procedures in extra to have a dental implant successfully, it adds the costs in addition.

So, What Will My Dental Implants Cost?

The dental implant cost depends on needed Additional surgical procedure, warranty, and material of final prosthesis, Number of implants you need, Implant Type, and complication of the treatment. Here, we have listed the approximate dental implant price in Australia.

  • Cost of All-on-4 dental implants ranges from $15000 to $30000
  • A more complicated single dental implant (need for bone graft and or sinus lift), the price ranges from $4000 to $11500
  • Straightforward single dental implant fee ranges from $2850 to $6500
  • In total, you can expect your dental implant cost to be anywhere from $2850 to $30000 in Australia.

Final Words

Look at the cost of dental implants as an investment instead of an expense. This is because, compared to other tooth replacement options, dental implants is the best choice, which can last a lifetime. Also, the dental implant cost never been more affordable than today. Today’s affordable dental implants will help rebuild your smile with natural-looking without hassle. Find and compare total cost dental implant online at Dental Costs Australia to save now!

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