What makes mini dental implants controversial?

Mini dental implants were initially introduced for supporting an interim prosthesis temporarily during the healing period of dental implant restoration. Nowadays, it is used as an alternative for traditional implants, as mini dental implants cost less. However, their benefits are publically disputed in the recent years. Therefore, many oral surgeons are reluctant to use them as a permanent solution for missing teeth. Some valid reasons for this hesitation is given here,

  • Mini dental implants are smaller in size and hence multiple implants are required to provide the necessary high level of support. This makes them less suitable for a missing tooth.
  • It is found that the mini dental implants have considerably lesser bite than their larger counterparts and they are more likely to break or bend.
  • Though mini implants are more effective in the supporting dentures in the lower jaw, it has been debated that it is not suited for the upper jaw. Hence, have a second opinion with other dentist before choosing this option to know if it is feasible for you.
  • Failure rate of mini dental implants ranges from 6 to 13 percent. It is higher than the regular implants which are about 3 to 5 percent.
  • It is not appropriate for people who have the tendency to grind their teeth since they would wear easily.
  • Also, it is better not to consider mini implants merely for saving money. There are some clinics who offer cheap dental implants in Australia.

It is important to remember that for the right candidate, their benefits could outweigh their demerits. If not, consult with your dentist for better alternatives.

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