What to Expect After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

What to Expect After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Although cheap wisdom teeth removal in Australia is a standard procedure, and millions of Aussies have extracted their third molars, still many are anxious, putting off their treatment. Delaying wisdom teeth removal can lead to many dental complications, and it can take a toll on your dental health. In fact, impacted wisdom teeth can jeopardise healthy teeth as well. While dental anxiety is common, often the lack of knowledge about the procedure and what can happen after the surgery make people put off the treatment. By knowing what to expect after wisdom teeth extraction, you can make informed decisions.

Wisdom Teeth Removal – What To Expect After The Surgery?

Everyone responds to anaesthesia differently. If you have opted for local anaesthesia, you’ll be alert and awake and might be able to drive home. You can even go back to work and do your normal activities. However, if you have opted for sedation dentistry like general anaesthesia and IV sedation, you might be unaware of what happened, and you’ll need someone to drive you home. However, you’ll be back to normal on the same day following the surgery.

Most people won’t experience pain during and after the surgery, but there will be discomfort. However, it could be managed with proper rest and medicines. Following the surgery, you’ll experience:-


Swelling is quite common after any surgical procedure, including wisdom teeth removal. You can expect swelling for a couple of days, and it will gradually subside. Swelling can be managed with ice packs. Bruising to the skin of the face might be there.


You’ll notice bleeding following the surgery and it is very common with any procedure. There’s nothing to worry about, as it will stop after a couple of hours or sooner than that. The dentist will place the gauze on the surgical site and ask you to bite it firmly. Doing so could help you stop the bleeding quickly. Repeat the process every half an hour following the extraction.

Jaw Stiffness

You might have difficulty opening your mouth and experience stiffness of the jaw joint. This will normally disappear after a couple of days. Avoid chewing more and stick to soft diets.

Wisdom teeth removal cost is affordable, and it is of utmost importance to take the antibiotics and pain killers prescribed by your dentist to promote healing and recover quickly. Avoid strenuous physical activity following the surgery. In addition to it, make sure not to dislodge the blood clot by smoking, squishing, and using a straw for drinking liquids. Avoid those for a couple of days.

For further queries about wisdom teeth removal cost or recovery, please call your dentist.

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