What to Expect in a Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the last of the permanent molar teeth that come out between 17 and 21 years of age. As they are the last teeth to come up, there is usually less space allotted to them and hence many a times they come out crooked.

In such cases, the best solution is to consult a good oral or maxillofacial surgeon. In case the surgeon suggests removal of the teeth, it is highly recommended to get it done as soon as possible. Wisdom teeth removal Sydney surgeries are performed at the dental clinic by the oral or maxillofacial surgeon. Getting a wisdom tooth extraction can seem a painful process. However, if you are mentally well prepared, it might become easier for you.

We have mentioned below the entire process of wisdom tooth removal in a nutshell and what you need to do if you need an extraction.

Prior to the Extraction 
Prior to wisdom tooth extraction, there are some points your dentist will advise you.

  • Tooth Infection: If your tooth is already infected, the dentist will suggest you to take some antibiotics to ensure the infection are healed prior to the extraction.
  • Anaesthesia: In case of wisdom tooth removal, you can go for anaesthesia that suits you. Local anaesthesia is given by the surgeon by numbing the area near the tooth with a substance and then a couple of injections in the nearby areas. In case you have more than one tooth to be removed, you might need to go for sedation anaesthesia or general anaesthesia. Sedation and general anaesthesia both can be given through an IV and in both cases you will not feel any pain. You will also not have any memory of the extraction. However, you will be advised by the surgeon not to drink or eat anything the night before the surgery. The wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney will depend on which anaesthesia option you choose amongst these three.

During the Extraction

The extraction process is usually similar and it goes like this –

  • The dentist will first open your gums above the tooth and remove the bone covering the tooth and any tissue that is connecting the bone with the tooth. Then the entire tooth will be removed.
  • If it is difficult to remove the entire tooth, the dentist may break it into small pieces and then remove it.
  • After the extraction, the dentist may need to stitch the operated area and will place a cotton gauze pad on the wound to stop the bleeding.
  • Your dentist will inform you if the stitches will get dissolved on their own or they will need to be removed physically within a few days.

There are many dental clinics that can be considered for such a surgery where Sydney wisdom teeth removal cost may be lesser but if such an extraction is not done properly at a good clinic, the risk of complications increases. Hence consider your clinic with a lot of care.

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