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All about Wisdom Teeth Removal in Australia

Proper dental care entails regular check-ups to identify any underlying problems in the early stages. One of the most common dental issues that teenagers and people in their mid-twenties suffer is misaligned wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the third and final molars that develop in a set of teeth and they can be a valuable asset. However, most likely than not they present dental problems and they need to be extracted for you to enjoy better dental outlook. If they are misaligned they will cause problems that will only become apparent at a later stage.

Wisdom teeth removal in Australia is a common procedure and can be carried in either of these two ways:

  1. As an out-of-patient procedure: In this case a general dentist or an oral surgery specialist performs the procedure in-the-chair.
  2. Surgical procedure: This is a more intense procedure carried out by a general dentist or oral surgeon at a health facility using sedation by general anaesthetic.

Every wisdom teeth complication is unique and this is where the input of regular check-up using modern technology including X-ray comes in handy. Periodic check-ups during dental visits should be done to identify the presence and alignment of your wisdom teeth before a decision is made on the best procedure to follow.  If the problem is not complicated an in-chair procedure can be carried out and it is cheaper compared to a surgical procedure.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

At the back of your mind you must be wondering about wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney and for good reasons. The cost of dental procedures in Australia is among the highest in the world. Different factors determine the cost including:

  • Type of extraction
  • Dental health insurance coverage
  • Location
  • Type of dentist required

Medicare coverage is limited on dental procedures and without private coverage you will have to pay most of the costs from out-of-pocket. Average wisdom teeth removal costs are as follows:

LocationType of Wisdom Teeth Removal ProcedureCost
AustraliaBasic Extraction$250-300 per tooth
AustraliaComplex Extraction$300-$600 per tooth
AustraliaOral Surgery using Sedatives or General Anaesthetic$1500 to $3000
The entire treatment cost also includes:
  • initial consultation ranging from $60 – $200
  • X-ray between  $85 – $150

To reduce the Sydney wisdom teeth removal cost get the removal done sooner than later, shop around for deals, compare different dentists and if possible use a wisdom teeth specialists for a better deal.

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are removed to avoid infection, avert painful extraction in future, misalignment and if the tooth is impacted. An impacted tooth does not fully emerge from the gum which leads to bacteria build-up in the area leading to infection. An impacted tooth is also prone to decay as it cannot be properly brushed. An impacted tooth can either erupt partially angularly, horizontally and vertically.

For cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney it is crucial to get the tooth inspected and diagnosed early. This procedure is also less painful because the roots of the tooth have not yet settled into the gum.  Some of the common signs of wisdom tooth problems include:

  • Redness of the gum
  • Bad breath
  • Cysts around the tooth
  • Swelling of gums around the tooth
  • Bad taste when eating or drinking
  • Jaw pain and tenderness

Wisdom teeth hurt a lot when breaking through the gums and it is important to consult your dentist when this happens. Quick removal should be carried out before the pain intensifies as this could also point to the onset of an infection.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

Now that you appreciate the importance of wisdom teeth removal in Australia it is important to understand what to expect during the extraction procedure. Due to the position of the tooth the removal procedure is expected to be more invasive and will mostly involve some form of surgery. The process entails:

  1. Administering local anaesthetic : Anaesthetic is applied around the tooth and also injected into the gum.
  2. Sedative or general anaesthesia : This is given to make you more comfortable and can either be administered intravenously or orally.  If you will be put under during the procedure a gas mask is placed over your face and breathing is closely monitored.
  3. The surgical procedure starts : Incisions and necessary cuts are made to remove the tooth and other debris. Stitches maybe required depending on the extent of cuts made.
  4. You may drive yourself home but it may not be possible if the sedatives have not worn off.
Wisdom teeth Removal Pain

If there is persistent pain after extraction it is likely you are suffering forma dry socket. This happens if the blood clot that should protect the healing area dissolves thus exposing the nerves and jaw bone. To avoid this avoid smoking, don’t drink using a straw, avoid extremely hot or cold drink and maintain excellent oral hygiene during the healing process.

Recovery Tips

To ensure pain-free and faster healing follow these tips:

  • Don’t smoke in the first 24 hours after removal
  • Eat soft foods and avoid biting hard
  • Avoid excessive spitting as this can dislodge the clot
  • Don’t brush or use mouth wash for the first 24 hours
  • Don’t pass your tongue over the wound

Replace the gauze with a fresh one as per the doctor’s instructions.


Wisdom teeth can be better explained as the third and final set of molars that erupt during the late teens or more specifically, between 17 and 21. Wisdom teeth are often considered troublesome for everyone while that isn’t entirely true. A wisdom tooth causes problems when it doesn’t have enough room to grow and leads to pain and infections.

No. In several cases, wisdom teeth removal in Australia is necessary only when it causes trouble such as pain and discomfort. If a wisdom tooth impacts the positioning of its neighbouring teeth, then you’d want to consider removing them as early as possible.

In other cases, a wisdom tooth simply erupts and grows without causing any impact. If it doesn’t create any problem, then you can just leave them as is.

Failing to remove an impacted wisdom tooth can lead to the following problems:
a. Pain, swelling and infections in gum tissue
b. Gum diseases between wisdom teeth and second molars
c. Occurrence of cavities on the wisdom teeth or on second molars’ root surface
d. Shifting in position of the adjacent teeth
e. Cyst in the jawbone

We offer wisdom teeth removal procedure at competitive prices. Our cost of wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne goes like this: Basic extraction costs $250-300 per tooth, complex extraction costs $300-$600 per tooth and oral Surgery using sedatives or general anaesthetic would cost $1500 to $3000.

(The cost of entire treatment also includes the initial consultation ranging from $60 - $200 and X-ray costs that lies between $85 and $150)

Yes. After the wisdom teeth removal procedure in Australia, you would encounter certain problems such as pain, swelling and bruising for a few days, which is normal. You might face difficulties opening your mouth or, in some cases, have infections too. Taking ample rest and following post-operative instructions can help you ease the recovery period.

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