Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost and Procedure

Wisdom teeth are the final set of teeth that grow in a person’s lifetime. They are four in number and may create some dental issues during its growth. For some person, they grow in right angle and don’t create any issues. Wisdom teeth don’t even grow for few people. In many studies, it is found that wisdom teeth do not grow for 35% of people. Here we are going to see the detailed information about the surgical procedure and the wisdom teeth removal cost.

Wisdom Teeth Removal – Procedure

During the removal procedure, your dentist will use anaesthesia to numb your surgical site. Then your dentist will remove your teeth. If your tooth is blocked by your jawbones, then your dentist will remove that bone to remove your wisdom tooth. After removing the tooth, the surgical site is cleaned, and the site is closed with the help of stitches and allowed to heal. Then gauze is placed over the surgical site to control bleeding and helps to form the blood clot. Proper diet and maintaining oral hygiene helps you recover faster and eliminate dental issues in the future.

Factors Affecting the Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

If your wisdom teeth do not create any dental issues, then it is not necessary to remove your wisdom teeth. In the case, if your wisdom creates any issues, then you need to visit your dentist as soon as possible to ignore complications. The wisdom teeth removal price differs depending on the variety of situations. Few factors that affect the wisdom teeth removal cost in Australia include

  • Severity of your issue
  • Number of tooth
  • Which Tooth?
  • Dentist and Location

We can go deep into these factors that affect the cost of wisdom teeth removal one by one.

  • Severity of Your Issue: If the condition of the affected wisdom teeth is complex, then the cost of the removal increases. Since the dentist needs to spend more time and use latest technologies to remove your teeth, the cost will be high. In the case, if you reach your dentist in the initial stage of an issue, then the cost may be less compared to the first case.


  • Which tooth needs to be removed? If the affected tooth is near the veins, you may need specialist surgeon to carefully remove your tooth without committing any damage to your vein. This, in turn, affects the cost of wisdom teeth removal.


  • Dentist and their Location: Choosing the dentist will also affect the cost of your wisdom teeth removal process. Most experienced dentist and specialist in the particular field will make you pay more for the procedure. Also, the dentists located in the remote area charge more for the procedure.

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