Wisdom Teeth Removal for a Healthy Smile!

We follow many tips from childhood to keep our teeth healthy. We brush and floss twice a day, take all the healthy foods as much as possible and visit our dentist for a regular check-up every six months. But, the bitter truth is that we cannot prevent those wisdom teeth from being a trouble to us one or the other time. These are the third set of molars that develop during the teens. Our mouths are small with no rooms to accommodate the new ones. So these teeth will grow impacted pushing the adjacent teeth. Even if they fully erupt, being at the very end of the mouth they are hard to reach and clean. This may result in tooth decay that will spread to the other healthy teeth. This is why most of the dentists suggest their removal. Wisdom teeth removal in Australia is a simple procedure.

Luckily not all will have all the four third molars. According to the best health magazine, 30 percentage of people are missing one or more wisdom teeth.   And according to Ezteether, two percentages of people have no wisdom teeth.

Why Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

These teeth were useful for our ancestors who lose their teeth at early ages due to the hard foods they eat. But now, we do not lose teeth that early, and so there is no space to accommodate more teeth. These wisdom teeth with no space to grow will get either partially or fully impacted. In either case, they will result in severe pain, and you have to deal with them. Even if they are left to grow, they will alter the arrangement of your other teeth. According to science alert, 12 percent of people who did not have their wisdom teeth removed experienced complications.

How Will I Know If My Wisdom Teeth Grow Impacted?

1. If the tooth is impacted, it will exert pressure on your gum resulting in severe pain around the area.

2. You will also feel and notice some swelling and reddening of the gums.

3. You may also experience some difficulty in chewing.

4. If you regularly have your dental checkups, your dentists would check and suggest affordable wisdom teeth removal cost in Australia before the roots are fully formed. According to Rachele Cooper, the best time to remove them is when the roots are two-thirds formed.

At an approximate, 85 percent of people need to have their wisdom teeth pulled out in their lifetime.

How Are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

The removal, like any other surgery, may make anyone nervous. But, the truth is it is a minor procedure and done under anaesthesia. The dentists will make a small incision in the area of the impacted tooth. He will then cut out the tooth into smaller fragments and remove them through the incision made. Despite being painless, the wisdom teeth removal price in Australia is affordable.

Your wisdom tooth is hurting you? Wisdom teeth removal in Australia is your best option!

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