Wisdom Teeth Removal to enjoy the Beauty of a Healthy Smile!

For most of the people who are well into their adulthood will have had their wisdom teeth removed during adolescence. Though the wisdom teeth removal Australia is common during the teens, only a few know why and what are the potential consequences that may result if they are not removed at the correct age. Located in the very back of the mouth the wisdom teeth are the last two sets of teeth that break through the gums. They may arrive anytime during the late teens and early adulthood. Being the last set of teeth to erupt, they will not have enough space to break through the gum line like any other natural teeth. So mostly they grow impacted resulting in many other dental problems.

What are Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

​A wisdom tooth becomes impacted when they are blocked by the adjacent teeth to grow properly due to lack of space in your mouth. If left unattended, they may damage adjacent teeth structures and also result in other major dental problems. There are two types of impacted wisdom teeth. Partially impacted and fully impacted wisdom teeth.

​With partially impacted wisdom teeth, some of the tooth structure is visible outside the gum line while with fully impacted wisdom tooth the entire tooth structure lies below the gum line. Whatever case may be yours, the wisdom teeth have to be dealt with if they grow impacted.

Partially impacted wisdom teeth can invite bacterial accumulation leading to tooth decay and other problems, while fully impacted wisdom teeth can push adjacent teeth out of alignment causing severe pain and resulting in a need for orthodontic care. According to research, 12% of impacted wisdom teeth are associated with pathological conditions such as damage to adjacent teeth and cyst.

What are the signs to confirm that my Wisdom Teeth are Impacted?

Impacted wisdom teeth most often show no symptoms. However, when they do the symptoms vary with person to person. Sometimes the symptoms are due to the impacted tooth, while other times plaque and bacterial accumulation cause infection under the gum tissue.

​The most common signs associated with wisdom teeth impaction that most people report include:

  • Halitosis
  • Severe to mild headaches
  • Tender swollen and bleeding gums
  • Difficulty opening the mouth
  • Pain while chewing
  • Swelling around the jaw and cheek area

Why is affordable Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost In Australia advised at an Early Age?

Do you know, the highest risk of complication post wisdom teeth removal is in a person aged over 25 to 34 than in those aged 12to 24. Wisdom teeth as discussed start growing only during the teens.  During this stage, their roots will not have developed properly. When the tooth roots are not completely formed, removal of these teeth is most advised. This is because once the teeth root forms completely, it may intrude with some of the nerves that go beneath the gum line. So having affordable wisdom teeth removal price Australia  before the tooth root has grown completely becomes a simple procedure. Also as you age, your body’s ability to heal from wounds decreases so the aftercare of wisdom teeth removal may become difficult for you.

Your healing ability and the procedure required are the two main reasons why your dentist suggests wisdom teeth removal Australia as soon as it starts developing.

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