Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal to stop oral problems before they start

In modern-day humans, wisdom teeth are likely to grow impacted. When the teeth grow impacted, they impose some severe consequences on a patient’s oral and overall health and wellbeing. To avoid such problems, most dentists will suggest their patients have their wisdom teeth removed before symptoms even develop. For some patients, wisdom teeth removal is the first experience with dental surgery. According to reports, 3.5 million wisdom teeth are extracted every year.

Wisdom Teeth Removal:

The third molars are the largest teeth in our mouth. Wisdom teeth have served some essential functions for the ancient humans by helping them chew and eat fibrous and tough diet and to replace their lost teeth due to wear and tear.

The early humans had sufficient jaw space to accommodate the wisdom teeth to erupt appropriately, but that is no longer the case. Nowadays, our jaws are much smaller to accommodate these teeth. Thus wisdom teeth push through the gums and bone causing different problems. They often grow impacted.

Do the Impacted Wisdom Teeth impose health risks?

The impacted wisdom teeth are not only an annoyance. These teeth can also affect patients’ health by causing many problems like tumours, cysts, abscesses, and infection. According to research, it is found that 12% of people experience complications that they could have avoided if they had their wisdom teeth removed.

Besides, the wisdom teeth, even after getting impacted, will continue to try to erupt through the gums causing more damage and discomfort to the adjacent teeth. Hence the adjacent teeth will start to shift out of their positions, trying to accommodate the newcomers.

Dentists advise their patients to avoid these issues by considering wisdom teeth removal. Also, it is wise to have wisdom teeth removal procedure before the age of 25 for better healing and a short recovery period.

How much does wisdom teeth removal cost?

Talking about wisdom teeth price, it depends on some factors like the number of teeth to be removed, the position of the teeth, and also the procedure involved. Some people will require extensive procedures if their wisdom teeth are position at a wrong angle. These factors, however, do impact the cost of wisdom teeth removal. Moreover, the choice of sedation will also affect the wisdom teeth cost. In general, the wisdom teeth price is much affordable.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth – surgical removal

The impacted wisdom teeth should be surgical extracted. Your dentist will first remove the surrounding bone to access the wisdom teeth for removing it. Patients will be administered with some form of sedation during the procedure.

Dentists often advise their patients to bring someone to take them home after the appointment. He will also give many post-operative instructions, which you should strictly follow for reducing the risk of complications, which can disrupt the healing process.

What to expect from the healing process?

Patients will likely experience some post-operative discomfort in the 24 to 48 hours after wisdom teeth extraction. Any discomfort that occurs post-surgery can be managed with over the counter medications given by your dentist. He might also prescribe pain killers if needed. After the wisdom teeth removal, you might experience some minor bleeding for the first day, and this is not something to worry about unless it is enduring or excessive.

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