Wisdom Tooth Extraction – When is it Necessary?

Wisdom teeth extraction is a common dental procedure in Australia, but is it always necessary to remove them? The answer to the question is it depends upon the growth of wisdom teeth, and for each patient, it differs. While it is true that extracting wisdom teeth can prevent other dental problems from occurring, only after assessing the growth, position and impacts on surrounding teeth can be determined whether it needs to be pulled out or not.

The wisdom teeth removal cost in Australia is not high, and it is not suggested when:

  • It is healthy
  • It is completely erupted without causing any trouble to nearby teeth
  • It is positioned correctly
  • It is functioning properly like other teeth

When do they come in?

For most of the people, a wisdom tooth develops during their late teens or early twenties. But, for some, it erupts beyond this age as well, and it is common.

What does a dentist look for?

The type of impaction is one of the primary factors that your dentist may consider and decide whether to keep or remove the teeth.

When there is no adequate space on the jaw-line, wisdom teeth get trapped under the gum and become impacted. An impacted wisdom tooth can cause a lot of dental problems such as tooth decay, crowding, the formation of cysts and gum disease. So in order to avoid these dental problems caused by an impacted wisdom tooth, the dentist suggests removal.

In regards to these factors, the following guidelines typically hold true.

Full bony impactions: In this type of impaction, a wisdom tooth is fully encased in the jawbone. Full bony impactions cause many dental problems, and it should be removed as early as possible.

Partially erupted teeth: only a portion of the wisdom tooth sticks through the gums and they are the type most likely to become problematic. Brushing and flossing a partially erupted wisdom tooth becomes difficult. As a result, the tooth gets infected and the teeth are at the greater risk for complications especially gum disease and tooth decay.

In case if the partially erupted wisdom tooth leads to gum disease, the additional procedure to treat the gum disease also impacts the wisdom teeth removal price in Australia.

The wisdom teeth removal in Australia is necessary when:

It causes damages to adjacent teeth:

The third molars can push your other teeth around, causing bite problems. When they move in the direction of adjacent tooth roots and put pressure on them, the roots will resorb. This will permanently damage the nearby tooth root and will require tooth extraction or surgery on the affected roots.

They cause gum problems:

As discussed, partially erupted wisdom teeth can lead to infections on the gum tissue. This will negatively affect your overall health as well. Research shows that “Moderate or severe gum disease is present in about 22.9% of the Australian population.”

The position of tooth affects chewing function:

Does food get caught under the gum tissue around the wisdom tooth and cause swelling while chewing? Then wisdom teeth removal in Australia is the only option.

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